• Bachelor’s Degree of Game Development,
    SAE Institute - Completed in 2017

  • Bachelor’s Degree of Applied Psychology,
    RMIT University - Completed in 2013



  • GCAP Student Showcase Coordinator

  • PAX NEXT Exhibit


  • GCAP Volunteer

  • PAX — booth

  • Oz Comic Con — SAE booth




  • Dean’s Merit List - awarded to the top percentage of students for academic achievement at SAE Institute


I’m an experienced game designer and producer from Melbourne, Australia, having worked on 7 shipped titles as of November 2018. One of my life goals is to create a game that leaves a long-lasting impression on a large audience - something that a person will think about long after they've finished playing it, and something that the world will remember. My educational foundations lie both within game development and applied psychology, and this combination provides a unique perspective when designing games. This - accompanied with a fiery passion for hard work and organisation - allows for the creation of incredible things.


TKM9 and Play9 are subsidiary companies of the TKM9 Group. We create bespoke software and hardware installations, including but not limited to games, experiential marketing and brand activations. We’ve worked with the likes of Amazon, Telstra, Westfield, and many more, and we have content in some of the world’s largest shopping centres, airports and hospitals. I’ve shipped 2 titles as a producer, where I lead the project and team. I am responsible for the project planning, resource management, and budgeting for the content team. I worked on six shipped titles as a developer/designer using Unity. My responsibilities included game design, asset implementation, programming in C# and QA testing.

The Game Developers of Australia (GDAU) is a Discord-based community- a casual online platform for game developers to talk, play games, and make friends. We host a variety of events each month, including an in-person tabletop game meet-up, a book club for games, and a number of online D&D sessions. We also run skill-share sessions with experienced developers. As of October 2018, the community has almost 500 members! I founded this community, and run it on a day-to-day basis with a small team of moderators.