• Bachelor’s Degree of Game Development,
    SAE Institute - Completed in 2017

  • Bachelor’s Degree of Applied Psychology,
    RMIT University - Completed in 2013



  • Freeplay, Independent Games Festival


  • GCAP Student Showcase Coordinator

  • PAX NEXT Exhibit


  • GCAP Volunteer

  • PAX — booth

  • Oz Comic Con — SAE booth




  • Dean’s Merit List - awarded to the top percentage of students for academic achievement at SAE Institute


I’m an experienced producer and game designer from Melbourne, Australia, having worked on 9 shipped titles as of May 2019. One of my life goals is to create a game that leaves a long-lasting impression on a large audience - something that a person will think about long after they've finished playing it, and something that the world will remember. I want to change the world, and do so through ethical game development practices. My educational foundations lie both within game development and applied psychology, and this combination provides a unique perspective when designing games. This - accompanied with a fiery passion for hard work and organisation - allows for the creation of incredible things.

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SMG Studio is a development studio and publisher with three studios — Melbourne, Sydney, and Los Angeles. SMG are dedicated to producing games for all possible platforms. I’m currently working on Moving Out, a wacky couch co-op game about moving furniture!

Lumi Interactive are a team of wholesome individuals, who have come together to both develop and publish cute, funny, and community-based games. While at Lumi, I learned what it truly meant to be a producer for a game as a service, gaining experience in all facets of live ops and development of a f2p game, including analytics, data analysis and data-informed decision-making, monetisation, and live localisation. My time at Lumi also saw me as a producer for a remote, international team based out of China, which truly tested and ultimately strengthened my ability to communicate. I helped bring Lumi Interactive’s debut title to life, and we shipped Critter Clash in late March.

  • Diversity Consultant, Working Lunch, January 2019

  • Producer, TKM9 and Play9, July 2018 - January 2019

  • Junior Game Developer, TKM9 and Play9, March 2018 - July 2018

TKM9 and Play9 are subsidiary companies of the TKM9 Group. They create bespoke software and hardware installations, including but not limited to games, experiential marketing and brand activations. I worked with the likes of Amazon, Telstra, Westfield, and many more, and I have content in some of the world’s largest shopping centres, airports and hospitals. I shipped 2 titles as a producer, where I lead the project and team. I am responsible for the project planning, resource management, and budgeting for the content team. I shipped six titles as a developer/designer using Unity. My responsibilities included game design, asset implementation, programming in C#. and QA testing.

The Game Developers of Australia (GDAU) is a Discord-based community- a casual online platform for game developers to talk, play games, and make friends. We host a variety of events each month, including an in-person tabletop game meet-up, a book club for games, and a number of online D&D sessions. We also run skill-share sessions with experienced developers. As of April 2019 the community has over 800 members! I founded this community, and run it on a day-to-day basis with a small team of moderators.