• Producer

  • Game Designer

‘Coral Cove’ is a set of games designed for vertical touch screens. The three games included are Bubble Pop, Quick Pick Pearls, and Sea Shanty.

Bubble Pop is a reaction game centered around popping as many bubbles as possible within the time limit. Quick Pick Pearls is a play on the traditional ‘whackamole’ game type, where the player needs to wait for clams to open and hit the pearls and not the seaweed! Finally, Sea Shanty is a Simon Says game in which players observe a musical pattern that gets progressively more difficult, and then repeat it.

On this project, I was primarily the producer, but I was also responsible for designing the scoring systems, and the pattern generation system in Sea Shanty. I was also the producer for the mobile ports.

Available on Android here.

Coming to iOS soon.

Studio: Play9